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Executive Leadership Group, Inc. (ELG) takes a results-oriented approach to leadership and organizational performance, basing its work on long experience and empirically proven methods in behavioral psychology. ELG offers a variety of educational programs as well as consulting and advisory services. The principals, staff and associates of Executive Leadership Group, Inc. have achieved distinction within their respective areas of expertise.

ELG’s credo, giving wings to great visions, is sincere. So, ELG is a good fit for organizational leaders with genuine intent to craft and execute strategies that make a difference, or for those who want to elevate their organizations’ cultures in targeted ways, or for those who want leadership development that shows up on the job. For those clients, ELG consultants work as colleagues, providing expert, temporary surge support to busy senior teams and together, with them, make the right difference. ELG is a poor fit for leaders whose idea of winning is merely having, say, a pretty plan, a glossy study, or a leadership course.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic planning and accelerated strategy execution
  • Strategic communications (i.e., honest, but goal-oriented communication)
  • Leadership development (teaching and content both empirically based)
  • Assessing and improving culture (e.g., cyber security, collaboration, innovation, safety)
  • Implementing large-scale organizational change
  • Collaborative problem solving and decision making
  • Organizational design with an emphasis on correct layering and efficient use of resources (e.g., methods of matrix-based structures that actually work)
  • Project management including a full curriculum to support Project Management Professional (PMP) certification


ELG is unusual in that . . .

  • It’s an actual consultancy, not a staff augmentation firm. The point is to achieve a goal for the client, not an annuity for ELG.
  • ELGs consultants are experts in their respective areas; because of ELG’s tailored staffing model, ELG is never under pressure to ensure that someone “on the bench” is billable, irrespective of their qualifications. See https://www.elg.net/about-us/our-people/.
  • ELG’s approach is outcome-based – it’s all about the right results achieved the right way. Incisive assessments and clever plans usually help along the way, but they don’t substitute for the client’s desired end state Senior leaders like ELG’s respectful candor, which is coupled with commercial best practices, degreed expertise, decades of experience, and an appreciation of seniors’ perspective. For example, in the last 15 years, ELG’s principals have worked with 10 US military service chiefs or vice-service chiefs, and have worked with many private sector CXOs.
  • ELGs work is rooted in science – behavioral science – combined with many decades of experience. While always interested in organizational fads, ELG is not a purveyor of any.
  • Senior leaders in the private sector and across every US military service, US Coast Guard, NSA, and very recently FEMA, have demonstrated their continued confidence in ELG to help leaders at all levels effectively assess organizational performance, articulate their strategic goals, align their teams, and successfully implement their plans.