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Past Performance

US Navy Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet

Strategic Planning and Implementation, Strategic Communications, and Strategic Initiative Support

ELG worked closely with VADM Tighe and her senior team to assess the information warfare domain from an organizational perspective, and then develop a strategic plan to guide the way forward and clarify the role for the newly established FCC/C10F organization. This work included developing measurable strategic goals (using the Whole Goal approach) and a supporting, detailed execution plan; establishing a progress tracking process to sustain focus and alignment; guiding and advising on transformational change; and helping to align diverse groups and interdependent organizations. This work also included developing and launching a strategic communication plan to support all strategic goals and ensure appropriate tailoring for key stakeholders. The plan is available here. (https://www.public.navy.mil/fcc-c10f/Documents/FCC-C10F_Strategic_Plan_2015-2020.pdf)

  • Contract ID: OPM1912C0027
  • Start Date: 06/01/16
  • End Date: 09/01/17
  • Value: $1,000,000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

U.S. Air Force Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, Management (SAF/MG)

Squadron Revitalization – Assessment and Implementation Planning

ELG provided the primary senior advisory services to the Air Force core team for General Goldfein’s number one priority: Squadron Revitalization. This included training the core team on the approach and skills required for a comprehensive, Air Force-wide cultural assessment. ELG also traveled with the core team to help gather critical Airmen inputs as part of the assessment effort. This included designing and conducting large collaborative working sessions to ensure comprehensive and diverse inputs.

ELG provided the primary senior advisory services during the assessment phase and played the lead role in developing the strategic framework for solutions and in developing the final written product that was delivered to General Goldfein, CSAF.
ELG continued its primary senior advisory role through implementation planning. Solutions are now being implemented by Air Force leadership. For a very readable summary of that work, see “A Model of Air Force Squadron Vitality,” lead article in Air & Space Power Journal, Winter 2018. (https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Portals/10/ASPJ/journals/Volume-32_Issue-4/SLP-Davis_Casey.pdf)

  • Contract ID: FA7014-16-D-5000 / Task Order 0007 and FA7014-17-D-5001 / Task Order No. FA7014-17-F-0051
  • Start Date: 02/01/17
  • End Date: 06/01/19
  • Value: $2,000,000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

U.S. Naval Institute

Strategic Planning Development and Execution Management Support

ELG has worked with VADM (ret.) Pete Daly, the CEO of the U.S. Naval Institute, and his senior team to develop the Institute’s strategic plan. This is the third time ELG has been asked to assist in the development and implementation of their strategic plan and implementation. Each planning and execution cycle has delivered extremely positive financial results and a continued increase in organizational capability and impact.

That plan is available here. (https://www.usni.org/about-us/strategic-plan)

  • Contract ID: GS-10F-0395R
  • Start Date: 02/01/15
  • End Date: 12/01/19
  • Value: $253,000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request